Who is Event Staff Services (ESS)?

Event Staff Services is a locally owned and operated event staffing service provider servicing the Greater Charleston Area and the surrounding Lowcountry areas. Every client wants their event to be a success. We understand how important it is to have qualified people working your event.

ESS founder Rich Behringer has over 25 years of experience serving in the United States Armed Forces, where he elevated in the ranks, and was responsible for not only his subordinates, but for many key points of interaction. This experience has taught him how to handle a diversity of situations, and how to be friendly, but firmly diffuse even the most hostile situations. ESS actively seeks military, law enforcement, and safety-related service (such as firefighters and paramedics) veterans for our staff. Our experience is that these individuals are teamwork oriented and committed to success, not just a paycheck.

ESS strives to provide efficient, high quality services to ensure client satisfaction. From our unique focus on pre-event planning to our dedicated on-site event managers, our total operation is centered on the goal of making your event a success. After all, at ESS Your Event is Our Business!

What Makes Event Staff Services Different?

We are a local company, with a local focus.

Different from an event staffing agency, ESS is an event staffing service provider. Agencies are remotely-located hubs which have a list of part time help in many cities. Their workers are subcontractors, typically with other full-time positions that take priority over your event. An agency depends on you to tell them your needs. As a service provider, ESS partners with you from the pre-planning phase to develop a cost-effective strategy, targeting areas of concern based on our experience and the unique criteria of your event.

As a local company, ESS appreciates your business. We are fully vested in the success of your event. Our success is dependent on yours. Our operation is fully in-house, which allows us to insure that each staff member is qualified, trained and readily committed to making your event a success. Being a local company offers us many competitive advantages:

  • Experience with local event venues and the unique challenges of each locale
  • Familiarity with local regulations
  • Availability to our clients for in-person meetings for advanced planning
  • Flexibility to quickly respond to last-minute alterations to event dynamics
  • Established relationships with other local companies providing event-based services
  • Affordability offered by our reduced overhead
  • Management supervision on-site for all events

Our Process:

It all starts with you!

ESS enjoys the opportunity to meet with our clients in the planning stages of their events. We offer our expertise in event management to help prevent pitfalls we have seen in the past, ranging from perimeter security to frustrating traffic congestion. Often, being able to assist in the planning process can establish protocols which will help alleviate staffing requirements, reduce overhead, and contribute to the overall success of the event.
Working together with our client and other vendors
A successful event requires several vendors from many areas of service, from sound equipment to catering. Our goal is to facilitate their processes rather than interfere. We have found that even a simple introduction prior to an event makes everyone more comfortable communicating during the event, which can be especially important when one or another vendor runs into a challenge. Just as we require our staff to work together as a team focused on your success, ESS works with other vendors as a team to help overcome any challenge to guarantee the event’s success.
For the convenience of our clients, we maintain a list of event vendors we are comfortable recommending here.

The Big Event!

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Event Staff Services being a local service provider is our ability to offer an on-site event manager for your event. While all of our staff is instructed to accept any direct communication from our clients, our event manager offers the client a single point of contact for all communications. Our event managers are our most qualified team members, whose purpose is to constantly manage and oversee all ESS operations, and are an important part of our internal quality control policy. The event manager ensures proper communication between our team members and with other vendors, to ensure everything goes smoothly, and takes proactive steps to extinguish potential problems before they arise.

The party is over, now what?

The event is over, all guests have safely made it home, the venue is clean, and everything was a huge success. ESS isn’t done yet. We appreciate the opportunity for a post-event debriefing sometime in the following few days. We are a local company, and we want to do business with you again. We want to discuss what went right, what areas, if any, could use improvement, and make sure we earned your business.


Please get in touch to invite us to your pre-planning meeting!
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the success of your next event.

“Your Event is Our Business!”