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ESS works several events every week, all throughout the week. We typically have between 10 and 30 staff per event, depending on client requirements.  Opportunities are offered to our team members on a first-come basis by email and online sign-up.  There’s no minimum number of events, and no obligation to sign up.  We only ask that once you commit to an event that you stick to your commitment.  You truly get to work when you want to!

Working with ESS offers our team members the opportunity to earn extra income in a flexible way, allowing them to maintain their primary occupation, and pick up shifts as their work and social schedules allow.  We offer competitive pay, and a unique opportunity to be a part of many of Charleston’s greatest events! (see our blog for just some of the events we work)

ESS is looking for honest, reliable team members to help us make our clients’ events successful.  We can’t stress reliable enough.  One missed shift can let down thousands of our fellow Lowcountry residents. (Imagine if you had to wait 30 minutes to get into a concert because there wasn’t enough staff at the gate!) Due to the nature of our work, a background in the military, law enforcement or as a first responder is also a major plus.

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