Large events with high volumes of guests mean hundreds, if not thousands of people trying to access an event site at once. ESS can act as your consultant to help design entry gates, provide screening and security, cash handling, determining staff requirements and manage visitor flow. We are familiar with a variety of online ticketing platforms, and also selling tickets on sight. Our ticketing service works in conjunction with your parking plan, event layout and security needs. All of our staff is fully briefed on the event details in advance so they are prepared to provide top notch customer service at the time your guests arrive. We will work with your event organizer to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Stopping problems before they start

We have managed ticketing for events large and small, for a number of years.  Some of the more common problems include lost/forgotten tickets, visitors going to the wrong gate, cash & credit card handling, lack of clear information/event maps, long wait times, inclement weather (outdoor events) and yes, fraudulent tickets.  We encourage our clients to plan early so we can lend our expertise to help mitigate issues that might cause frustration with your guests.

Security concerns

The entry to your event is a security barrier where we try to keep out bad guys.  Traditionally, we have conducted ID checks.  Lately we have been doing bag checks and wanding (metal detectors) at more and more events.  The choice is yours, but know that stricter security measures are becoming commonplace.  Let us discuss the options with you so you can make an informed decision.

Bringing it all together

Entry points for your events are a bottleneck to visitor traffic flow.  Properly planned and staffed, your event entry/ticketing locations give your guests a good experience, building their anticipation and preparing them to have a great time at your event.  We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your event.  Please get in touch to start a conversation.  At ESS, your event is our business!