What is event security?

It’s a complicated question, and one we get asked frequently.  One way to answer the question is “What does event security mean to you?”  Now, that’s not a fair question, but it is thought provoking.  We do ask our clients what their chief security concerns are, because we know we need to address them.  There are many security issues that most people would not think of.  Most people will name things like public safety, weapons, violence and intoxication.  Some issues are less on the forefront of most people’s minds, but are of equal importance; lost children, protests, traffic control, overcrowding, sexual harassment, emergency evacuation plans, even waste removal.

Any large event introduces variables into the security equation.  Experienced and careful planning is necessary to ensure public safety and deliver an enjoyable experience to all guests. While security is our primary priority at ESS, we strive to maintain a balance between enforcing security and honoring individual rights and freedoms.

An ounce of Prevention

The first step in good event security is to anticipate and head off issues before they arise.  To this end, we offer many common sense services, such as bag checking & wanding, ticketing entry & ushering, observation & enforcement posture, access management, traffic management .  Wanding, the use of hand-held metal detectors at event entry points, is increasingly becoming commonplace.  By staffing venue entrances, we serve as a deterrent and gatekeeper against those with malicious intent, while providing aid and assistance to visitors in the way of directions, ushering and assisting the elderly and disabled.  Observation and enforcement posture is simply having an ESS team member present as a deterrent, ideally postured as a barrier between visitors and places they shouldn’t be.  Access management is a large part of what we do once guests are within the event venue.  This includes keeping visitors out of back stage, VIP areas and vendor areas and other restricted zones, crowd control to keep people off stage, and enforcing curfew.

Emergency Response

Emergencies by definition are not expected, but they should be planned for.  The most recognizable example is we all wear a seatbelt.  No one plans to be in a car accident.  Types of emergencies vary from life threatening medical emergencies (both from injury on site, and pre-existing medical conditions) to fires, bomb threats and shootings.  None of these emergencies are 100% avoidable.  In order to mitigate the effects of such emergencies, we work with clients to understand their chief concerns and help establish predetermined response plans.  Even the simplest plan, how to get an ambulance and medical team in and out of a venue quickly, can save a life.  In the event of a fire or other evacuation event, predetermined checkpoints manned by ESS staff with radios helps families reunite and provides comfort.  Thankfully emergencies are unlikely events, but it pays to be prepared, and we care deeply about the success of your event, and the safety of your guests as well.

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